Works With Alexa.

The World’s First Voice Enabled Kettle.

After the release of Appkettle in November last year, we have developed an Alexa Skill which was released in March 2017, so now you can link your Amazon Echo products* with Appkettle’s Alexa voice skill.


Connects to your Smart Home

Works with IFTTT

In July 2017, Appkettle was updated with IFTTT.

Using IFTTT you can now link your Appkettle favourites, keep warm and heating preferences with hundreds of smart home products and services.



The Appkettle App is simple, effective and easy to use over WiFi, 3G/4G regardless of your experience with apps and technology.

Auto Scheduling

With volume sensing, Appkettle uniquely starts water heating before the time scheduled, ready for when you arrive. Just set it for any day, any time and it simply works, ready for when you arrive.


Appkettle makes it very simple to learn and master a perfect brew. In the App you can save drink type, temperature (60ºC - 100ºC) and brew timing for your favourite beverages.

Baby Bottle Mode

Allows parents to boil water for baby bottles. Check the water level, set bottle size and the number of bottles to automatically boil and cool ready for a time to suit you.

Defining a new standard of kettle quality

Appkettle is manufactured in a world class environment alongside some of the world’s leading premium and innovative appliance brands including Kitchen Aid, Dualit, Delonghi and Smeg.

Appkettle is crafted with premium, beautiful brushed stainless steel finish with manual controls on it's base, so you can create the perfect cup of tea without a smartphone. Appkettle is also the world’s first smart kettle to feature double sided glass windows, accommodating for both right and left handed users.