If you find an issue with the App software please see instructions below:


1. App software issue


If you find an App software bug/issue, it is important for us to understand if this is an issue affecting your device only or it is a more general software issue. If you are confident this is a more general issue please skip to section  below.

If you are unsure please check by following the steps below:

1 Uninstall and reinstall the Appkettle software, then try and recreate the software issue. If the issue still remains please continue to the next step.

2 Reset your mobile device and then relaunch the Appkettle software. If the software issue persists, please continue on to the next step below.

2 Refresh Appkettle connection with Wi-Fi Router

1 Turn off your Appkettle and unplug it from power.

2 Open the Appkettle app on your iPad / iPhone / android phone and swipe to delete your device name e.g. ‘kettle’.

3 Delete the Appkettle app on your mobile device.

4 Turn back on your Appkettle.

5 Reinstall the Appkettle app and then repair/connect your Appkettle with your Wi-Fi network using the ‘add new device’ section in app.

6 Turn off Wi-Fi on your iPhone and with 3G/4G connected see if you have cloud symbol is stable in the Appkettle app for your device e.g. ‘Kettle’. If not please go to Wi-Fi troubleshooting here.

7 If 3G/4G connection is stable and your device name is solid in the Appkettle app no further troubleshooting is required.

2 Report Software Issue


Appkettle Username *

Email Address*

Software bug found on?*

What mobile phone do you use? *

i.e iphone 7 Plus, Google Pixel XL

What software version is on your mobile device? *

Software versions can bbe found on iOS phones within: Settings-General-About. On Android it can be found in: Settings-System-System Update.

Attach an image of the issue

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Please explain the software issue found: *

Please recreate the steps to recreate the issue.

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