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Social share - Brew Rounds

Baby Bottle

Appkettle first set up

Setting up Appkettle - First time

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3G/4G Connection Setup

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Setting up a Passcode for App entry

Setting up Fahrenheit units in the App

Setting up a Default Temperature (Good Use Tip)

Setting up Keep Warm duration

Setting cup capacity

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Customise Share Message - Social Media

Change your Appkettle's Name

Setting volume units to fluid ounces (fl oz)

Appkettle Devices Page: Selecting or Adding another Appkettle


Volume measurement - Recalibrate

General WiFi issues - please read and follow these instructions

Scheduling - Multiple users / two at a time..

WiFi issues due to Amazon Echo WiFi signal Interference

Appkettle display is off and it's in off-mode? Why??

Pouring slow / weak

Appkettle's Security and Safety

Appkettle Security - App, cloud and website


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Appkettle Warranty

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