Appkettle: Alexa Skills

by Team Appkettle February 14, 2019

Not only can your smart kettle be used through its accompanying app, but the Appkettle can also be linked to your home’s IFTTT system, making it the world’s first voice-enabled kettle.

Once you have linked your kettle to your home’s WiFi and named it, you can then connect it your smart home device, such as Amazon’s Alexa, through the appropriate app.

Think of the time you will save by having your Appkettle connected to your smart home device. By using Alexa, you may be able to read your child their bedtime story in peace. You may find precious minutes in the morning rush before leaving the house. You may simply enjoy snuggling on the sofa with a loved one for that little bit longer.

By connecting your kettle to your app and then to your smart home device, you are connecting yourself to an easier life, where your home is a place that fully understands you.