Appkettle: Unique Usernames

by Team Appkettle January 10, 2019

At Appkettle, we strive to make life easier.

That’s why we’re sorry to hear that some customers have been having issues recently. We hate to think of you without coffee and tea.

We’d like to take this opportunity to address them, with a little post about usernames and email log-ins.

Make them unique.

Your username should be one of a kind. If you simply label your kettle as John’s kettle, unfortunately, it will not register. The username will be too popular.

Get creative with your Appkettle user name. Most people remember good usernames or funny usernames.
Don't do what we did and call it 'Kettle'.

The same goes for email addresses, we’re afraid.

If you have a joint email account with someone, but have separate smart kettles, again, it will not register it.

In both cases, it may even appear that the username and email address have been accepted. But, it will not email you to verify your account. Again, the email address you enter must not be duplicated by any other account.

At Appkettle, we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this issue has caused. We are working around the clock to ensure this does not happen again and that you will soon enjoy teas and coffees that are brewed to perfection.