August Update

by Team Appkettle August 18, 2017

App Updates - August 2017

Good day to all Appkettle Users

Since our last update for Alexa Voice integration in March/April, we've been busy working on Improving Appkettle in several different areas.

The new app introduction screens will provide you with a quick overview of some of the changes in the updated Appkettle App, but we'd like to give you the full lowdown below.


New App Login, Registration and Reset

Registration Update


  • The App login visuals have been modernised and improved.
  • Quick information buttons are shown for both Alexa and IFTTT instructions.
  • Registration and password reset methods use secure timed authentication links.



      number 2

      WiFi Upgrade

      WiFi Upgrade


      • This WiFi upgrade includes support for new WiFi Mesh network systems like Orbi, Linksys, Google, BT Wholehome etc..
      • The WiFi update includes support for multi band (2.4 and 5Ghz) WiFi.
      • The WiFi update stabilises loss in connection with some older generation WiFi routers such as Virgin Media smart hubs.
      • To upgrade your WiFi version, make sure your Appkettle is connected to your WiFi. Then login and go to the App's home screen. The update will then show and you can then select upgrade. If you have already upgraded you can check in:
      • Settings -> About -> Kettle Version 

      Kettle Version


        Number 3

        Updated App Visuals and Menu

        New UI 

        • The App home-screen has been updated with a new background, a new simplified temperature bar and animations.
        • Your Appkettle device name is now shown conveniently on the main App screen above the kettle image. 
        • The features menu provides access to Alexa and IFTTT connectivity and further information. 


        Number 4

        Target Temperature

         Target temperature


        • The target temperature (your selected heat-up temperature) will now show when the kettle is turned on above the actual kettle temperature. This is quickly to show you what temperature you are heating your Appkettle up to. 



        Number 5

        IFTTT Upgrade


        IFTTT update 


        • Our IFTTT service is currently being switched over by IFTTT engineers and it will be available on our Appkettle IFTTT service page anytime now (just awaiting IFTTT final confirmation). 
        • This newly upgraded IFTTT service will allow you to select Favourites saved in your Appkettle app, it will also allow different heating temperatures and keep warm times. 



        Number 6

        Update Information


        Update and Help Information 


        • For your future reference all update information will be saved and is available from the 'Help' menu under 'New' section. 


        We hope you enjoy these updates.

        We appreciate you being part of the Appkettle Community.

        Thanks ident


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