Bruu: The Gourmet Tea Club Advent Calendar!

by Team Appkettle November 27, 2018

Here at Appkettle HQ, we’ve teamed up with Bruu: the Gourmet Tea Club and we are absolutely delighted to be trying a new flavour each day throughout advent!

The Bruu Christmas Tea Advent Calendar is a cool way to either try new flavours of tea yourself or present a gift to tea aficionados amongst your family and friends.

As well as 25 delicious gourmet teas to try, the advent calendar comes with twine and festive pegs, making it a fun addition to your Christmas decorations - ours has pride of place on our Christmas tree - a stainless steel tea strainer and an informative tea guide.

It’s not even advent yet and we are so excited to try each flavour and introduce ourselves to all of the different varieties of tea, including Oolong, Rooibos, Herbal and Chai.

We’re planning on using the Appkettle to brew up, so we don’t have to leave the comfort of our chairs to boil the kettle and we can even decide which temperature to brew the water to, for maximum impact of tasty tea.

So, get the Appkettle on and countdown to Christmas with a range of soothing, sweet and sensational flavours.

From the 1st December, we’ll be reviewing each of the flavours on the Bruu Christmas Tea Advent Calendar, so be sure to head back here and see what we’ve got to say about each flavour.

Click here to explore Bruu: The Gourmet Tea Club and discover a whole world of delicious teas.