Dry January: The benefits of a whole month with no alcohol (plus tips on how to stop drinking)

by Team Appkettle January 04, 2019

With the melancholy that often comes with January (a brand new year, but also dark mornings and cold nights), it’s hard not to look for comfort from wherever you can get it.

Sometimes, it’s food. Or television. Or alcohol.

But, while you may have some nice nibbles and treats left over from Christmas and you aren’t yet ready to brave the outside unless you have to, the idea of giving up alcohol for the month has grown considerably over the last few years. In fact, an estimated 4.2 million people have said they will be taking part in Dry January 2019.

Here, we look at the health benefits of not drinking alcohol, as well as some tips on how to stop drinking for the month.

Dry January Benefits

Lower blood pressure

By having a lovely decaffeinated hot drink, rather than reaching for the bottle, you can decrease your blood pressure considerably. With many high blood pressure cases being alcohol-related, it makes a lot of sense to have a dry month. Reconsider how giving up alcohol can have a positive effect on your health.

Improvement of mental health

Drinking alcohol regularly can add and exacerbate conditions, such as low mood, anxiety and depression. By reaching for the beautiful kettle, rather than the bottle and completing a sober January, you can really recharge your batteries and alter possibly detrimental aspects of your lifestyle.

Some of the basics

If you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves. With this in mind, by cutting down (or cutting out) your alcohol units, you will invariably lose a little weight, probably save a bit of money and possibly sleep a great deal better.

Be smart and put the smart kettle on.

How to give up alcohol for a month

    •  Tell your friends and family - by informing your loved ones that you are tackling the whole month (or longer) without a drink, they will be supportive and understanding.
    •  Be prepared for pressure - the very same family and friends may ask why you are taking part in Dry January. Tell them and be honest. If you want to save money, let them know. If you want to lose weight, tell them straight. But, you must be prepared for the odd jibe.
    • Research alternatives to alcoholic drinks - If you are in the habit of reaching for the wine/beer/spirits whilst in the house, buck that trend by clicking the kettle on.
    • A handy gadget, like the Appkettle, can be scheduled so that it boils at the same time every evening, so if you know when you usually pour yourself a stiff one, it’s easy to break that habit by having a soothing cup of tea. You could even link up with IFTTT, meaning you could just ask your smart home appliance to boil the kettle, should you feel the urge to have a drink.

    Alternatively, hide the beer and stock up on non-alcoholic beer or look up delicious mocktails.

      • Give yourself a reward - If you are finding the whole month something of a struggle, be sure to have plenty of pats on the back ready for when you are finding it particularly tricky. Swap the aforementioned cup of tea for a delicious hot chocolate or add a sweet treat, like a cake or biscuit.

          And, finally…

          A whole month is a marathon, not a sprint, so, if you crave a drink or even have one or two throughout the month, do not beat yourself up. If it happens, it’s gone and you can move on from there.

          Is Dry January worth it? Is Dry January beneficial? Is Dry January good for you?

          The answer to all three of these questions is yes, but it is also a challenge and there is nothing to stop you from considering it to be the beginning of your own personal campaign.

          If you’re considering the Dry January challenge, we wish you all the best for the weeks ahead - Good Luck!