Server Supplier - Setting the Record Straight

by Team Appkettle September 20, 2017

Good day to all Appkettle Users!

As we truly care about our product service to all AK users, we believed it was about time to explain the ongoing server resolution we are working hard towards with our WiFi server supplier - Shenzhen Jingxun Software Technology Co Ltd.

Our Server supplier is fully responsible for maintaining Appkettle and numerous different companies server requirements and performance. 

However since late August they've been experiencing intermittent stability issues causing their Amazon servers (based in Germany, USA and Europe) to stop performing correctly, thus providing a loss in service to all business and customer services that it's their responsibility to maintain. 


Explanation of the Issue

Within ~ 3-5 day intervals our Supplier's server is currently experiencing a server instability issue which is creating a loss in signal to all Appkettle customer products (amongst other companies on their server) for 3G/4G, Alexa and IFTTT services.

This server instability is usually around 5 - 8pm in the evening, which could be considered a 'peak' time for customer use within the UK and EU.

Please note - It has been confirmed that the Supplier's server capacity far exceeds the customer requirement/demand and so this instability is a result of another, irregular server anomaly, which we are all trying our very best to find.


Effects of this issue

When the server instability occurs, usually around 5 - 8pm every week you will notice this with your Appkettle immediately, as you will have no 3G/4G access to your Appkettle (it will be greyed out on the App devices page), but also the Alexa and IFTTT services will not work. This will mean Alexa will say "Device 'kettle' is not responding" even if you have WiFi connection to your Appkettle, as our Supplier's server is not communicating through the internet any service commands to Alexa, your Appkettle product or the IFTTT service server. 


What to do if you experience this issue?

The first thing to check is to see if you can connect from your mobile device through WiFi and 3G/4G to your Appkettle device. If you can connect to your device on WiFi but 3G/4G access is greyed out and Alexa/IFTTT has suddenly stopped working it is due to the ongoing Supplier's server irregularity we are trying to resolve. 

If you are experiencing these issues, we will ensure at the very least to have the server back online by the next morning 6am (whilst we investigate over night to try and find the server anomaly - see long term solution below).

In the rare circumstance that you are still experiencing any issue after 6am the next day please reset the power, re-discover your device with Alexa and IFTTT and please ensure your Appkettle re-connects to your WiFi network and that it's also accessible through 3G/4G. Then try all services again. 

It's our aim to fully resolve these server issues with our Supplier within 2 weeks (see Next plan below). 


Server Supplier - The Short Term Solution.

When the server began exhibiting these issues, we set out to ensure that all Appkettle product services (Alexa, IFTTT, 3G/4G) are maintained as much as possible with the server for 24 hours - 7 days a week.

We did this by instructing our Server supplier, along with an Appkettle engineer to monitor the server 24-7 to ensure any drop in service is resolved within 30 minutes.

However to resolve the issue, our Server supplier is saying that 30 minutes to is not sufficient time to find the issue and resolve it and so a more sustainable long term solution needs to be used. 


Server Supplier - The Long Term Solution.

Both Appkettle and our Server supplier have been working through the day and night these past few weeks to find a resolution to this server issue. However what we have found is that without the server being offline, we're unable to find the issue and create a full solution to the Supplier's server anomaly. 

Our Server supplier has proposed that we extend the time the server is offline from an unstable event in the evening (between 5 - 8pm) from 30 minutes until the next morning in the UK and EU.

This would then allow all engineers to work on it with more time so that we can finally resolve the server irregularity that is affecting all external Appkettle services.

We have agreed to their request and requirement, so that we can aim to finally resolve our Supplier's server issue affecting our users within the next 2 weeks. 


Next Steps and Plan

Over the next 2 weeks, we will monitor the Appkettle server 24-7 and when the server becomes unstable, it will be our intention to keep the server offline from the evening time (5-8pm) until the next morning UK time (6am). This will allow us more time to analyse and help find the issue with our Server supplier

It's our plan to resolve and find this server anomaly within 1 overnight server session, however depending on the complexity of the issue we may need to repeat this method to achieve a final server resolution.  


Communication and Prior notification of Server Working

As the Supplier's server anomaly/issue happens randomly every 3-5 days, we will not be able to provide any advanced notice of the server being affected by this issue, however we will provide updates through our Twitter and Facebook pages of all server work ongoing and a final confirmation of it being solved will be emailed to all users. 


Our Apology For Any Inconvenience Caused

We would like to apologise that these external server issues are intermittently affecting your product enjoyment and experience currently. We care deeply about resolving these and ensuring the issue is resolved with our Supplier's server within the shortest possible timeframe.

We will give our very best to resolve this issue and hope that you can have some patience and understanding through this period, as we aim to find this anomaly through the day's and nights ahead whilst also trying not to affect the server (being offline) for too long! 

Thank you for all your patience in this and we greatly appreciate your support.  

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