Server Update - 6th October

by Team Appkettle October 06, 2017

New User Summary

Since September a number of UK and EU companies (including Appkettle) have been affected by a multi-server supplier with Amazon Server issues, more information from our original blog post can be found here.

What server symptoms to expect?   

The first symptom is that the server is currently producing irregular fast, then slow connection speeds (latency) to the server, this affects Alexa, IFTTT and 3G/4G service reliability.

The second symptom is that around 5 - 5.30pm all service connections are temporarily affected, affecting Alexa, IFTTT and 3G/4G service reliability. 

WiFi app functionality is unaffected throughout.

What progress has been made?  

Over the past two weeks, the server supplier and Amazon server engineers have been analysing, tracing and debugging connections to their servers. 

A backup (clone) server was set up to minimise the event of a primary server failure. However, the primary server did not fail or trigger the backup server when the service issue re-occurred.

The server configuration, bandwidth and CPU usage are more than sufficient for all service requirements. However, it was found that the number of concurrent connections is potentially an issue and this will be investigated along with slow server speed (latency) and resolved at the earliest opportunity.

Service failures have been more likely to
occur between 5 - 5.30pm UK time. Amazon and supplier engineers are now tracing and investigating network issues at this time with Internet service providers in the UK/EU regions to provide an efficient resolution.

So what have we been doing?


We have been actively supporting all users, Amazon and our server supplier 7 days a week.

We've organised supplier engineers to maintain the server 7 days a week (best possible) whilst we await a final server resolution.  

So what's next?


From Monday 9th October, independent server specialists will begin on the supplier servers, along with Amazon engineers to resolve the issue for all companies and users affected at the earliest opportunity.  

The server specialists expect all server issues to be resolved within the next two weeks. 


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