The Perfect Cup of Tea

by Robert Hill November 01, 2016

The Perfect Cup of Tea: The Heating and Brew Guide and the Health Benefits it carries.

A perfect cup of tea is the most important thing for a tea drinker because it ensures a great start to a day. Although people might feel that coming up with the right kind of cup is difficult but in reality, it is quite easy to make. There are no complexities involved in it; rather just a few things need to be kept in mind so that the desired result is obtained.

The Different Tea Brewing Timings and Temperatures

More than 50% of the final product has water in it, so if the quality of the water used is compromised, one cannot expect the end result to be great. If you do notice a peculiar taste of water then it is better to avoid its usage in making tea because the taste will eventually come to the tea. One of the best solutions is to simply use the store bought water or instead, go with spring water. It is strictly recommended not to go with distilled water.


Usually, the white tea does not require really high temperatures because their leaves are delicate and hold a chance of being burned. The temperature range for this type of tea is 149 – 158° F and the steeping time is only 1-2 minutes.


If this tea is cooked at a temperature which is above the boiling point, the flavor will be ruined, therefore the ideal temperature range is 158-167°F. The steeping time for this one is again 1-2 minutes. With Appkettle, it is possible to automatically set the steeping time of your favorite tea. With a single command, the kettle will be preparing an ideal cup of tea for you just like an old family butler.


Prepared at a temperature range between 167-176°F, this delicate tea also requires a 1-2 minute of steeping time. All the three types that have been mentioned till now are very delicate and easily make a blend with the water to produce a perfect cup of tea. If you cannot start your day without a soothing cup of green tea, you can always schedule the Appkettle to prepare it for you at a given time. Go to your kitchen in the morning and see that refreshing cup of tea has already been prepared with the help of your favorite kettle.


Just got a cup of oolong tea ready for yourself but always forget about the 2-3 steeping time that it has? Do not worry. As soon as the water will reach the temperature of 176-185°F, your Appkettle will notify you. From here you can start the timer for steeping time for your oolong tea and you will be notified when to stop this process and relax with the tea that you just prepared with the help of Appkettle.


Are you sipping on to your favorite black tea, which has just been prepared using Appkettle? Why not take out another moment and use the power of social media to notify your friends how much of a great time you are having right now? By preparing the tea at 210°F and steeping it 2-3 minutes, you have prepared a perfect cup of black tea. Appkettle now will help your friends send a message through its app and either ask them to join in the amazing time or will make them prepare one for themselves using Appkettle.


This one requires the most extensive amount of time as you need to bring the water to the temperature of 210°F and steep it for about 3-6 minutes. But this tea has amazing weight loss benefits, so why miss it? If you want to entertain yourself with the best-made cup of tea, you need to spend a significant amount on buying the best quality tea from the market. Once you spend a significant amount on getting high-quality tea, your daily costs will be cut down manifolds.

Coffee Brewing and Temperatures

Coffee brewing is very easy but time-consuming and requires three essential steps to be followed: wetting, dissolution, and diffusion. You need fully boiled water to pour on powdered coffee through a filter paper. This will wet the coffee and after 5-6 minutes, it will diffuse through the paper into the cup, which is placed right underneath. To stop the coffee brewing exactly at the right time is an art when all the necessary flavors have been diffused and letting anything more in will ruin the taste of the coffee.

Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is actually really good for one’s health and brings about the following benefits:

  1. There are antioxidants in tea:
    Antioxidants prevent the rusting of the body and safeguard it against the damages caused by pollution. They also help in improving the insides of the body and protect it from a number of diseases by releasing all the toxins from it.
  2. It helps protect against cardiovascular diseases:
    Tea helps in maintaining an efficient flow of blood throughout the body thus the risk of stroke and heart attack is reduced to a significant extent.
  3. It fights against free radicals:
    Though our body has the ability to fight the free radicals on its own but tea helps it to a great extent in doing so. As tea is high in oxygen, therefore, it helps the body from the dire effects of these radicals, which can even result in some deadly diseases like cancer.
  4. Tea plays a vital role in weight loss:
    Herbal teas play a significant role in losing weight. They take out all the excessive fats out of your body and burn those extra calories for you. It is wise to incorporate tea in your diet plan if one wants to see the desired results quickly.
  5. It hydrates your body:
    Though it has caffeine but at the same time, it also contains oxygen. This makes it very hydrating for the body.
  6. Improving bone mineral density and strength:
    Green tea improves the bone mineral density and strength and this has been proved through a series of experiments.
  7. It helps in boosting the immune system:
    The human’s immune system is already very efficient but sometimes it requires that extra boost which tea can provide it. They play an essential role in improving the performance of the immune system and combating certain germs and bacteria.
  8. Certain types of tea can also help in soothing the digestive system:
    Green tea and herbal tea also help in the process of digestion, which ensures that whatever food you eat, after receiving the right amount of energy from it, goes out of your body. This means that no extra fats will be accumulated in your body.

Tea is an integral part of most of the cultures of the world and is the second most highly consumed liquid in the world after water. They can actually bring about a number of positive changes in your routine from freshening you up to saving you from a number of dangerous diseases. Save your time and effort with the help of Appkettle and make your morning or the end of your day much more enjoyable with the help of that perfect cup of tea.