Please follow the steps below to descale your Appkettle effectively:

 1. Quick Method - Light to Medium Descaling

To ensure your Appkettle is maintained in top shape and heating efficiently, descaling is recommended at regular intervals. To complete a quick descale of your Appkettle please follow the steps below:

1 Boil 2 cups of water (500ml)

2 Pour water out then pour into the kettle undiluted Cider or White Wine Vinegar - approx 1/2 cup (125ml) or similar and swill it around the kettle.

3 The acidity of the vinegar will then break down the limescale from the heat plate and surrounding areas.

4 Pour out the mixture then wipe clean inside your Appkettle with a clean soft cloth.

5 Boil your Appkettle with fresh clean water, then discard this water into the sink.

6 Your Appkettle is now descaled and ready to use.

2 The Leave Method - Heavy Descaling

Heavy Limescale

1 Fill approx 250ml (1 cup) of cider vinegar and then add approx 1L of water into Appkettle. 

2 Boil the kettle then leave for 30 minutes, then after 30 minutes boil once more with this vinegar mixture.

3 Pour out and discard the vinegar mixture into the sink, cool inside the kettle with clean water, then wipe inside Appkettle with a clean soft cloth to remove residue, then with fresh clean water added into the kettle, boil the water twice.

4 After completing this, pour out the water and then your Appkettle is descaled and ready to use.

No Limescale

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