Download the app to your mobile device and control your kettle even when you’re not home. Easy to follow, the app makes the setup and use of your kettle a breeze. You’ll have access to our online support and UK call centre for help with any technical issues, should any arise. 

One kettle can be controlled by multiple devices and multiple users, making it great for families or house shares. And, because you can set favourites, everyone can use the kettle for their individual wants and needs. 


Use the app to schedule boiled water for when you need it. This smart kettle automatically recognises how much water is contained and calculates how long it will take to reach the temperature you’ve set, so the kettle's cycle will end the moment you want it to. 

You can create multiple schedules for your favourites. The app can also be used to set reminders, ensuring your kettle is full enough for every scheduled brew.


A cup of tea or coffee can be a very personal thing. The flavour depends not only on the brewing time, but also the temperature of water used to infuse your tea leaves or coffee beans.


With Appkettle, favourites for different types of drink and for different users can be created. 

Via Favourites, the kettle can be boiled to your desired temperature and, once you pour your drink, a timer automatically starts for your brew time. This will sound an audible alarm once your beverage has reached the perfect drinking temperature.


As we've thought of everything, the app even includes a guide to help you select the best temperature and brew time. 


When you’re getting up in the middle of the night, blurry eyed and sleep deprived, trying to make a baby bottle can be a real pain.


Measuring the temperature of your water and waiting until you get it just right is a chore in anyone's book, especially if your little one is crying for their feed. 


The Appkettle's baby bottle mode lets you set the Appkettle to heat the water to the exact temperature at the precise time the feed is due. All you need to do is wake up, make up the formula, and feed the baby. 

Compatible With Home Assistant Devices 

The Appkettle can be used with Amazon’s Alexa or with IFTTT, as well as other smart home devices.


For full instructions on how to connect your devices, our support pages are on hand to help.


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Keep Warm Feature 

You’ve told your kettle you’ll be home for half six, but there's traffic or a necessary visit to the shop on the way home from work.


Rather than using the app to account for any delays, your Appkettle will keep your water warm for up to 30 minutes so there'll be no need to reheat it when you do eventually walk through the door.


The keep warm feature is also ideal if you want to grab an extra 5 minutes in bed in the morning. 

Manual Controls 

As well as the app, your kettle can be used through the manual controls on the base.


Turning the kettle on and off, setting the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit and controlling the keep warm and Wi-Fi connection can all be done via the manual controls.

multi-user app control, features and settings
volume sensing
wifi, 3G and 4G connected
manual base controls
keep warm upto 30 minutes

The World’s First Voice Enabled Kettle.

Appkettle is manufactured in a world class environment alongside some of the industry’s leading premium and innovative appliance brands including Kitchen Aid, Dualit, Delonghi and Smeg.

Appkettle is crafted with a premium, beautiful brushed stainless steel finish with manual controls on its base. This enables you to still create the perfect cup of tea without the aid of your smartphone.


Appkettle is also the world’s first smart kettle to feature double sided glass windows, accommodating for both right and left handed users.

Control at every level

Energy efficiency indicators 

Sleek aluminium surface 

Integrated App

Connected devices indicators

As well as the intuitive app interface, Appkettle includes manual base controls. These controls include on/off, temperature selection, temperature units (ºC or ºF) and keep warm functions. The LED and base will also remember the last selected temperature for use next time.

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