Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

Huawei HG633 (Talk Talk)

Follow these steps to resolve connection problems

Step 1

 Start by pressing and holding the Wi-Fi button on your Appkettle for a few seconds so it starts to flash more quickly. If this doesn’t happen, please contact us.  

Step 2: Update the kettle using the Hotspot Method – 3G/4G. 

  • Turn on two smart devices with 3G/4G (iPhones, Android Phones, iPad). 

  • On one device turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot then connect the other Wi-Fi device to this hotspot. Please Note: The Appkettle App to use on your iPad is in the supported ‘iPhone Only’ filter selection in the App Store. 

  • Once you are connected to the mobile hotspot, log in to the updated Appkettle App and pair the Appkettle with the hotspot’s Wi-Fi. 

  • Select your Appkettle from the ‘devices’ screen. This takes you to the Appkettle home screen and you should see a new Wi-Fi update message. If you don’t see this message, log out, log back in again and go to the Appkettle home screen.

  • Select ‘Upgrade’. Once you see the ‘success’ message log out of the app then immediately log back in and go to the settings section. Click into the ‘About’ section and make sure the ‘Kettle Version’ shows as 0.4.9. 

  • Disconnect from your temporary hotspot and repair your Appkettle using the App and your home router. 

  • If this isn’t successful, try Step 3. 

Step 3: Try Another Smart Device 

  • In rare cases, third party pre-installed app scanning software can affect the first time pairing of the kettle. Try connecting using another smart device (iOS/Android) before moving on to Step 4. 

Step 4: Change your Router settings. 

    • Log in to your router at Your username and password can be found on the label of the router. 

    • Go to ‘Internet’ then ‘WAN connection’. Select ‘Edit’ and ensure you have the following settings: 

    • Access Type = Ethernet 

    • Connection Type = IP Routing (IP) 

    • MTU = 1500 

    • MSS = 0 

    • NAT Type = NAPT 

    • IP Protocol Version = IPv4 (not IPv6 or IPv6+IPv4) 

    • IPv4 addressing type = DHCP 

    • Press save then turn off your router for 2 minutes. 

    • Turn the router back on and allow it to warm up for 4-5 minutes. Once the internet is back on repair your Appkettle. 

    • If this isn’t successful, try Step 5. 

Step 5: Change your Wi-Fi password.

    • Follow the steps at https://goo.gl/z9nUYD 

    • Repair your Appkettle on both the 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks. 

Step 6: Contact Talk Talk 

    • Call Talk Talk on 0345 172 0088. 

    • This router has a known issue in selectively not allocating IP addresses to Wi-Fi based products. If your Appkettle connects to the Wi-Fi hotspot but the other steps don’t resolve the connectivity issues, it is likely you are experiencing this issue. Because this is a technical issue with the router you will need to request a fix or upgrade from Talk Talk directly in order to get your kettle connected. 

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