Setting Up IFTTT


Please follow the steps below to setup IFTTT with your Appkettle correctly:

Check your Appkettle
has Wi-Fi and 3G/4G

After connecting your Appkettle with your Wi-Fi router using the app's ‘add new device’ method, go to the Appkettle homepage (shows kettle image) and to ‘Settings’ (cog in top right corner of app home page) then ‘Devices’ and see that your device is connected to your network with the Wi-Fi symbol.

If you are not connected over Wi-Fi, please complete Wi-Fi Troubleshooting at our support guide here

Once you have your Appkettle connected to your Wi-Fi network, it’s good practice to check that your Wi-Fi network is providing Appkettle with 3G/4G access to the internet. To check this, simply turn off Wi-Fi from your mobile device (in settings page of your mobile device) and, using 3G/4G only log back in to the Appkettle app. The connection symbol will change from Wi-Fi to a cloud symbol (as shown in the image above).

If you have Wi-Fi connection but not 3G/4G connection, please see our IFTTT troubleshooting guide here

Name your Kettle

After connecting to your Appkettle for the first time you will be asked to re-name your Appkettle to something recognisable and easy to say. We recommend names that are easy to pronounce like ‘Kettle’, ‘Data’, ‘Sarah’ etc..

If you accidentally close down this app page without re-naming your device, don't worry. You can re-name it at any time in the following locations:

Settings -> My Device -> Device Name

After renaming your Appkettle device please ‘save’ it and then it will show the new device name on the App home page and on the devices page.

Link to IFTTT

Download and login to the IFTTT App. Next select the search button, then type in and search for ‘Appkettle’.

Next select the ‘Connect’ button in the top right corner of the app screen. After selecting this button, it will take you to the Appkettle login page.

After logging in you will have connected the Appkettle service to IFTTT and it will take you back to the IFTTT app. To check that you've been connected successfully, please select the gear icon on in the top right corner (see image above).

Your First IFTTT Applet

After linking your Appkettle to IFTTT, the next thing to do is link Appkettle’s features with other IFTTT smart home products and services. You can do this in 1 of 2 ways:

Ready made Applets

In the IFTTT app, from the lower ‘Search’ icon you can find the ‘Appkettle’ Service and then select from the pre-created IFTTT Applets with some of the most used Smart home products and services available. To link your devices with one of these Applets, simply select it and press ‘Turn On’.

Make your Own Applets

To make your own applet select the ‘My Applets’ icon in the bottom left of the IFTTT app. Then as per the image above press the “+” button to begin making your own IFTTT applet.

Next you will have the option to select the ‘Trigger’ service. This is the first product or service you would like to interact with. For this example we chose ‘Button’ (see image below). This will allow you to make a button widget on your mobile, that you can press and it will start something else to happen. The ‘something else’ is called an ‘action’ and we will decide what to link it with next.

In our example we selected ‘Appkettle’ as the action service. From the Appkettle action screen (shown above right) you can select between turning on Appkettle in standard mode or by Favourite mode. The difference is that you can select your device name, temperature and keep warm on standard mode (1st option), however on Favourite mode you can select device name, your favourite (saved in your Appkettle App) and the Keep warm time. So the choice is yours!

Once you have saved your selection and pressed ‘Finish’, you will have completed your first Applet! Nice!

You can then use your applet by starting the ‘Trigger’ service. In our example it would be by pressing the ‘Button widget’ which in turn would turn on our Appkettle to a precise temperature and keep warm time.

Please experiment with all types of IFTTT services and products and have some fun with it! Cheers.


We hope you enjoy this Feature.
- The Appkettle Team.

If you have any queries please see our Troubleshooting IFTTT section at the following link below:

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