3G or 4G
App Control

Please follow the steps below to ensure 3G/4G access is setup in your Appkettle correctly:


Check your device connection with 3G/4G

For Appkettle to work with 3G/4G, Alexa and IFTTT reliably it requires a stable and continuous connection to the internet from your WiFi network. If you find that these services are not working, this will be due to the local network affecting Appkettle’s connection to the internet. To resolve this please see the information below.


First thing is to check if your router is affecting the connection of your Appkettle to the internet, log onto the Appkettle app using 3G/4G signal only (turn off WiFi). Your Appkettle should show the cloud symbol next to it’s name as per the first ‘3G/4G’ online image above.

If you have 3G/4G online please go to below.

If 3G/4G is offline please reset power (unplug/replug) on your Appkettle and try again.

If you have now got 3G/4G access please proceed to .

If you still don’t have 3G/4G access please go to WiFi troubleshooting here


If the cloud symbol is shown the app will automatically log you into your kettle homepage after a couple of seconds.
To check the reliability of the connection to the internet we will need to go back to the devices app page menu. To do this, please select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Devices’.


On the devices page, please watch the device icon and device name over a period of 2-3 minutes.

If your device name and icon do not change and stay solid black and connected through the 2-3 minutes, then you have a stable internet connection for Appkettle and no further troubleshooting is required.

If your device name and icon continually go grey or have no connection over the 2-3 minutes of your testing, then your local network is certainly affecting your Appkettle’s connection.

We recommend you go through WiFi troubleshooting here

Then to go through below to resolve fully.


Refresh Appkettle connection with WiFi Router


Turn off your Appkettle and unplug it from power.


Open the Appkettle app on your iPad / iPhone / android phone and swipe to delete your device name e.g. ‘kettle’.


Delete the Appkettle app on your mobile device.


Turn back on your Appkettle.


Re-install the Appkettle app and then re-pair/connect your Appkettle with your WiFi network brand new using the ‘add new device’ section in app.


Turn off WiFi on your iPhone and with 3G/4G connected see if you have cloud symbol is stable in the Appkettle app for your device e.g. ‘Kettle’. If not please go to WiFi troubleshooting here.


If 3G/4G connection is stable and your device name is solid in the Appkettle app no further troubleshooting is required.

If you gone through our troubleshooting guide and still need to get in touch please click the link below.