About us

Appkettle’s journey from idea to reality began 5 years ago, amongst family and friends enjoying a good cup of tea together; when a simple suggestion to turn on the kettle from your phone became something more...

From it’s humble beginnings, Appkettle’s DNA was built upon it’s founders’ love for science and technology. This shaped Appkettle’s vision forward to create a product, that was something more than a ‘gimmick’ but instead seeking to integrate technology into the world’s most versatile beverage maker that would increase user benefit, functionality and convenience for kettle users everywhere.

In the creation of Appkettle becoming the world’s most advanced kettle, it has been a challenging journey fraught with difficulties, but our learnings, knowledge and growing experience has become invaluable in the development of what Appkettle has become.

Instead of listening to naysayers, selling out Appkettle’s concept, intellectual property (2012-),  licensing our prototype technology (2013-14) or taking an off-the shelf design to sell as an inferior product (2014-15), we decided instead to take the longer, more exciting route and dedicate ourselves into making something truly great.

In early 2015, we began pursuing investment to make Appkettle a reality. Through our prototype and product learning process (2012-2015) we garnered some of the world’s best component, controller and manufacturing partners and then in May 2015, whilst crowd funding for further investment, we received a second round of Angel Investment into Appkettle.  

Appkettle had the investment, but it was now time to develop the prototypes into a production ready product and cloud system. Over the next year (May 2015 - Spring 2016) with the help of our development partners, we began to shape a new type of electric kettle, something deeply connected, multi-functional, that combines smart technology with simple intuitive app and base controls, to maximise a kettle’s potential and expand it beyond what was possible.

Our collective endeavour, learning and relentless passion for the very best in appliance technology slowly gave birth to the first generation cloud based Appkettle. In the months that followed, Appkettle was subjected to a barrage of testing, certification, reliability and security checks to ensure that it complied and exceeded all requirements for consumer use and enjoyment.

In September 2016, Appkettle V1.0 went into final production, approximately 1831 days, 17 hours and 40 minutes from it’s initial suggestion to becoming a reality.

Appkettle is a beautiful, intelligent and the world’s most useful electric kettle, that has been created with a courage, passion and love for technology, that we hope you enjoy when you use it daily to make your favourite hot drinks, discover new one’s and share moments with your family and friends for a long time to come.

Appkettle is here.. But with your help, this is the beginning of something more... again.