Setting Up Alexa

Please follow the steps below to setup Alexa with your Appkettle correctly:


Connect your Appkettle
to WiFi and 3G/4G


After connecting your Appkettle with your WiFi router using the Appkettle app ‘add new device’ method, next go to the Appkettle homepage (shows kettle image) go to ‘Settings’ (cog in top right corner of app home page) then ‘Devices’ and see that your device is connected to your network with the WiFi symbol.

If you are not connected over WiFi please complete WiFi Troubleshooting at our support guide here


Once you have your Appkettle connected to your WiFi network, it’s good practice to check that your WiFi network is providing Appkettle with 3G/4G access to the internet. To check this, simply turn off WiFi from your mobile device (in settings page of your mobile device) and using 3G/4G only log back inot the Appkettle app. The connection symbol will change from WiFi to a cloud symbol (as shown in the image above).

If you have WiFi connection but not 3G/4G connection, please see our Alexa troubleshooting guide here


Name your Kettle


After connecting to your Appkettle for the first time you will be asked to re-name your Appkettle to something recognisable and easy to say. We recommend names that are easy to pronounce like ‘Kettle’, ‘Data’, ‘Sarah’ etc..

If you accidentally close down this app page without re-naming your device, no worries you can re-name it at any time in the following locations:

Settings -> My Device -> Device Name


Features -> Alexa


After re-naming your Appkettle device please ‘save’ it and then it will show the new device name on the App home page and on the devices page.


Link to Alexa

Download and login to the Alexa App. Next select the menu button, then go to ‘Skills’ and search for ‘Appkettle’.


Next whilst on the Appkettle skill ‘Enable’ it and then login to the Appkettle login page using your Appkettle details. Once logged in the Alexa App will then search for new devices. The device will then show in the ‘Smart Home section of the Alexa App, as per the example image above.

After finding your device, you can check the device name is linked correctly with the Appkettle app by selecting the device in the Alexa app and then selecting ‘edit’. Under the description section it will state the device name at the end of the statement e.g. ‘Kettle’ this needs to be same as the device name saved in the Alexa settings.


We hope you enjoy this Appkettle skill.
- The Appkettle Team.

If you have any queries please see our Troubleshooting Alexa section at the following link below: