If you find an issue with the App software please see instructions below:


App software issue

If you find an App software bug/issue, it is important for us to understand if this is an issue affecting your device only or it is a more general software issue. If you are confident this is a more general issue please skip to section below.

If you are unsure please check by following the steps below:


Uninstall and reinstall the Appkettle software, then try and re-create the software issue. If the issue still remains please continue to the next step.


Reset your mobile device and then re-launch the Appkettle software. If the software issue persists, please continue on to the next step below.


Refresh Appkettle connection with WiFi Router


Turn off your Appkettle and unplug it from power.


Open the Appkettle app on your iPad / iPhone / android phone and swipe to delete your device name e.g. ‘kettle’.


Delete the Appkettle app on your mobile device.


Turn back on your Appkettle.


Re-install the Appkettle app and then re-pair/connect your Appkettle with your WiFi network brand new using the ‘add new device’ section in app.

If the software issue is unresolved from the steps above, we would need your help to report this issue to us with the information requested in the form below. Thank you.


Report Software Issue

App Software Issue - Report bug

If you have found an issue with the Appkettle App software please report it and include the information below:
  • Your email will only be used to check any info. We respect your privacy.

  • Software bug found on: *

    Please select which software type the issue has been found on.

  • What mobile phone were you using when the issue occured?

  • Please check your software version and include it here.
    E.g. iOS - 11.0.3, Android - 8.1.0.

  • Please explain the software issue found and the steps to recreate the issue, so that we can find, re-create and solve the issue at the earliest opportunity.

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