Firmware Update

Please follow the steps below to ensure you complete this important update to your Appkettle:

Date of release: 4th December 2017


What is this update for?

Intermittent WiFi Cycle Issue

This important Firmware update (0.4.9) is to resolve an issue found on the 27th November that can affect some Appkettle devices to disconnect and reconnect to WiFi continuously but only occurring randomly on alternate day’s of the week.

The Appkettle WiFi data decryption algorithm key created an error on some devices and now version 0.4.9 has been released to resolve this issue, we recommend all users to upgrade when possible. To do this please follow the steps below:


What are the WiFi cycle issue symptoms?


WiFi Button Flash, Solid, Flash...

As per the statements above, some Appkettle devices on random day’s through the week between 4pm - 4pm have their WiFi signal temporarily affected. This causes the WiFi signal on the device to cycle through connecting and disconnecting at these times. You can see this on your Appkettle WiFi button as it will flash, then go solid - this will repeat until next day 4pm or until you can update your Appkettle to 0.4.9.


Check Appkettle App WiFi Connection

You will know your device is affected by checking WiFi connection through the App to the device homepage after 4pm on a random day through the week but then it will perfectly fine on other days after 4pm. At these times your connection will become temporarily unstable and you will lose connection and re-connect to your device continuously. With this issue your Appkettle will then become unresponsive to be able to talk to IFTTT and Alexa also, so it’s important to upgrade your Appkettle version to 0.4.9 at the next available opportunity.


Should everyone upgrade?

Whilst only a small number of users are affected by this, we recommend all Appkettle users to upgrade their Appkettle firmware version to 0.4.9.


How to upgrade?

To upgrade please follow the steps below:


Login to App and Select device

Go to your Appkettle hompage and as long as your Appkettle has an internet connection via WiFi and 3G/4G the following update will show after selecting your Appkettle.

If the upgrade shows correctly please go to below.
If it does not show, please log out and back into the Appkettle app. Then select your device. If it fails to show a second time, please go to step below.


Select Upgrade

On the upgrade message notification, select the ‘Upgrade’ option. After a loading wheel, the update will confirm with the following message.


Check Appkettle App Connection

To check your Appkettle has connection to the internet through your WiFi to install the firmware update, please temporarily turn off WiFi on your mobile device. Then go back to the Appkettle App and check you have 3G/4G connection - it looks like this symbol next to your device name:

If you don’t have a 3G/4G connection or it’s not stable but your WiFi connection is stable, then you we recommend you go through section of 3G/4G Troubleshooting.

If you don’t have stable 3G/4G connection or WiFi connection together at the same time and your WiFi button is flashing regularly, then it’s most likely that you are experiencing the temporary WiFi Cycle issue described above. To upgrade whilst having this issue please go to below.


Upgrading your device with Cycle issue

If your device is experiencing the WiFi Cycle issue explained above, then you have 2 options to upgrade your device:

Try to upgrade your device whilst it’s exhibiting the WiFi Cycle issue. If you’re able to get an opportunity to select Upgrade on the App homepage whilst the issue is present, then the update will resolve the issue immediately. If you are able to do this, please don’t be concerned if the connection drops whilst you are doing this update, it will not affect your device and you can try again until it’s successful.

Wait until the next day after 4pm - If you would prefer to upgrade whilst the WiFi Cycle issue is not present on your device you can select an alternative day when the issue is not currently active.

Either of the options above is perfectly fine to upgrade your Appkettle and resolve this issue.

If you gone through our troubleshooting guide and still need to get in touch please click the link below.