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(Please note: This page is currently being updated)


Quick instructions

This page is currently being updated for all things IFTTT, however to get you started with your Appkettle and our IFTTT service please follow these steps:


Before you start


1) Appkettle is paired with the Appkettle App and connected to WiFi, 3G and 4G.

NB: To check 3G and 4G connection on your Appkettle, turn off your mobile's WiFi and then login into your Appkettle. If not connected get in touch here


App explanation 1


  • To get the Appkettle App for iOS (Apple mobile devices) check here
  • To get the Appkettle App for Android check here


2) You have downloaded the IFTTT app from your respective app store.


App IFTTT explanation 1


  • To get the Appkettle App for iOS (Apple mobile devices) check here
  • To get the Appkettle App for Android check here 


Connect Appkettle to IFTTT

(Through IFTTT App)

Web link - https://ifttt.com/appkettle


1) Open and Register on the IFTTT App, then it's time to connect.


  • After logging into the IFTTT App, go to Search and enter "Appkettle".
  • Then select the Appkettle Icon:

    IFTTT Explanation 1


    2) Connect Appkettle and IFTTT


    App IFTTT Connect


    • Select the Connect button and then input your login details to then link IFTTT with your Appkettle account. 

    App IFTTT Connect 1

    • Input your Appkettle login details and select Login, you will then be taken back to the IFTTT app ready for making your first Appkettle Applet.






    1) Selecting an existing Applet


    • To select an existing IFTTT applet scroll down on the IFTTT Appkettle page and select one that you would like to connect with.

      App IFTTT Connect 2


      2) Turn it on


      • After selecting the Applet you would like to connect, select Turn On.


      App IFTTT Connect 3


      • After selecting the toggle to turn it on, please read and select your preferred options then select save. You have now completed your first Appkettle Applet!


      3) Creating your own Applets


      • To make your own Applet and connect Appkettle to hundreds of different IFTTT services, whilst in the IFTTT app first select My Applets and then the + symbol. It will then take you to a New Applet screen. 

      App IFTTT Connect 4

      • Next you will need to press the 'This' button to select your Trigger service then after choosing your 1st IFTTT service, you then press the 'That' button to select your Action service. 
      • After selecting these two IFTTT services to link together you can now combine them into an applet by selecting the Finish button.
      • You have now created your own IFTTT Applet. 


      More information on Applets 

      For more information on making your own IFTTT applets please see: 



      More updates for IFTTT are coming soon...


      More Appkettle IFTTT functionality is coming in our next Update.
      This will be in August.


      IFTTT service 

       Thank you for your support and interest in Appkettle.