Volume Troubleshooting

Please follow the steps below to troubleshoot volume inaccuracies in your Appkettle correctly:


Quick Refresh Calibration


Lift off Jug - No need to empty any water.


Press and hold the “+” and “keep warm” buttons until you see “000” then release the buttons and wait for the beep.


After the beep, replace kettle on base. It’s now ready to use.

Power Refresh Calibration

If required after the quick calibration above, Appkettle’s weight can also be reset by resetting power to the device. To complete this power reset please unplug and plug back in Appkettle, then take off appkettle from it’s base (when it shows “000”) then replace it onto the base when you see “- - -” .


Top tips for calibration


Do not press down on base

Do not press down on the base whilst trying to operate your Appkettle as this will increase the weight and lead to incorrect measurement or a level beeping error. It is recommended to tap the power button on, not to lean on the base.


Ensure base is on a level surface and no cable is stuck

Do not place Appkettle on an uneven surface, this will not allow the base to measure correctly. Also please check the power cord is not stuck under the Appkettle base.


Maximum Level Accuracy

Do not fill above 1.7L, also there is a 30ml +/- measurement error so it is recommended not to fill to exactly the maximum level. Please also note that Appkettle requeres a minumum water level of 250ml (1 cup) to function - this is a safety requirement.


Using WiFi? Have you got a good connection?

If your WiFi is poor signal quality and it’s dropping connection regularly to the device, it could cause interference in the product. Please be sure if you are using WiFi connection to estabilsh a good connection to the device, this is good practice.

If you gone through our troubleshooting guide and still need to get in touch please click the link below.