Troubleshooting V1.1

Appkettle and routers


Getting your Appkettle connected to your WiFi is very important to us, with more then 9 out of 10 Appkettle users quickly connecting first time.

However to help remaining users resolve their WiFi issues quicker we upgraded Appkettle's WiFi version in August 2017 (more information is available at our blog post here - see point 2).

Before any more detailed WiFi troubleshooting we first recommend you upgrade your Appkettle to the latest WiFi version.  

To do this please follow the instructions below:


Hot Spot Upgrade


To upgrade your Appkettle WiFi version you will need to use 2 smart devices from the following:
  • iPhone 
  • iPad 
  • Android Phone



1) Using 2 smart devices (iPhones/Android phone or iPads only - 3G/4G), use 1 smart device and turn on it’s WiFi hotspot then connect the other device to this hotspot. 


2) When connected to the hotspot, login to the updated Appkettle App and pair the Appkettle with the hotspot WiFi (temporary). 


3) After connecting your Appkettle to the hotspot, select your Appkettle from the devices screen, it will take you to the Appkettle home screen and a new WiFi update message will be shown (If not please log out and back in again then go to the Appkettle home screen).


4) Select Upgrade and wait for WiFi update to complete, after ’success’ message logout of the app and then back in, then quickly go to settings (top right icon) then to ‘about’ and make sure 'kettle version’ is now 0.4.8.


5) Once verified that the kettle version is 0.4.8, please disconnect from your temporary hotspot and re-pair your Appkettle using the App and your home router. 


6) WiFi Upgrade and connection complete. 

For more information on this update please see point 2 in our update here:









Hot Spot Upgrade


WiFi Upgrade

  • To upgrade your WiFi version, make sure your Appkettle is connected to your WiFi. Then login and go to the App's home screen. The update will then show and you can then select upgrade. If you have already upgraded you can check in:
  • Settings -> About -> Kettle Version 

Kettle Version