Appkettle: Upgrades to Alexa Skills

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Here at Appkettle, we are committed to making life simpler for our customers.

That’s why we have made some developments to our product, by upgrading Alexa Skills and adding some brand new features.

What if I don’t have the Appkettle skills in my Alexa App?

Simply log in to your Alexa App and find the Skills & Games Menu.

Once in the menu, search for Appkettle Skills and click ‘enable to use’, before logging in by entering your Appkettle username and password.

Please allow a moment or two for your Alexa account to link itself with your Appkettle app.

Then, give your Alexa some time before it discovers any other Smart Home devices you may have.

Once any devices have been discovered, you may add them to the group.

What features do I now have access to via Alexa?

There are several features you can access once your device is set up. The Appkettle can be turned on and off by Alexa and you may also control your smart kettle with voice commands, such as:

‘Alexa, turn on (kettle name)’

‘Alexa, turn off (kettle name)’

‘Alexa, set (kettle name) to 100’

On the Appkettle, the temperature can range from 0 to 100. However, if the target temperature is less than the temperature of the water currently in the kettle

‘Alexa, set (kettle name) to heat’

At Appkettle, we define this as the tea-brewing mode. It will boil to 90 degrees and then, stop.

‘Alexa, set (kettle name) to cool’

We define this as the ‘Milk powder mode’, which will boil to 70 degrees and then, stop.

When the new Alexa Skills model is released, your features will not be affected in any way.

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