Appkettle: Manual Mode

As well as being able to boil water to your desired temperature through its app, the Appkettle can also be used manually, using the buttons on the base.

The Power Button.

Press it once and the kettle will come out of standby mode. Press it again and the kettle will begin to boil. If you are to press it while the kettle is heating the water inside, it will stop boiling.

Press and hold the power button and it will turn off.

The Plus (+) and Minus (-) Buttons

These buttons allow you to change the preferred temperature your water will boil to.

If you press both the plus and the minus buttons simultaneously, it will change it from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

The Keep Warm Button

By pressing this button, you will be able to keep the water inside at the current temperature for 30 minutes. However, this function can only be used when the temperature reaches 60°C.

The Wi-Fi Button

This button is to be pressed when you are connecting your smart kettle to your home’s W-Fi.

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