Appkettle: Reminders

We know how it goes: you tell someone you have a kettle that you can control with an app on your phone and they ask: ‘What? So it even fills the kettle with water for you?’

Obviously not.

At Appkettle, however, we have thought of how to address this.

There’s nothing worse than when you have boiled the kettle and then, when you go to make the drinks, find that there’s not enough water in the kettle.

Therefore, through the app, you can set a reminder for yourself, ensuring you fill your smart kettle in time for your morning cup of coffee or for a nice cup of tea when you return home from work.

On the features menu of the app, you can access the reminders page and schedule a time for your reminder, as well as which days of the week you want the reminder to take place. Be sure to save your reminders.

For each time you have scheduled, you will receive a notification on your phone to inform you that it is time to fill the kettle.

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Appkettle’s journey began 5 years ago, amongst family and friends. While enjoying a good cup of tea together, the idea of putting the kettle on via a mobile phone sparked something... Read More...