Appkettle: Schedules feature

Once you’ve set up your Appkettle and connected it to your app and your home’s WiFi, simply go to the features page on the Appkettle App and click on the schedule menu.

Once inside the menu, you can organise the time of day you’d like your smart kettle to boil and which days you’d like it to boil on.

If you have already created a ‘Favourite’, such as someone’s individual coffee or tea temperature (or if you have made use of the baby bottle feature), you can select that here, ensuring it is the right temperature at the right time on the right day for you.

If you do not have a ‘Favourite’, two handy slide bars in the menu allow you to choose when your kettle is boiled and to what temperature the water reaches.

Then, simply save your schedule and ensure you have enough water in your kettle for when it is due to boil - you can even set reminders through this, once again through the app.

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