Descaling your Appkettle

It’s recommended you descale your Appketle on a regular basis, ensuring it continues to boil your water effectively.

Not sure how to descale your kettle? Follow the steps below: 1. After boiling approximately 500ml of water, pour it out. 2. Then, pour approximately 125ml of White Wine Vinegar or undiluted cider into the Appkettle and swish it around. 3. The vinegar or cider contains an acidity that will break down the limescale inside. 4. Pour the mixture out and wipe the interior of the kettle with a soft clean cloth. 5. Boil the Appkettle with fresh water from the tap, before pouring away. 6. Your Appkettle is now descaled and ready to use again.  

If your kettle needs a heavy descaling, you are recommended to follow these steps:

1. Fill your Appkettle with approximately 250ml of cider vinegar and add approx 1L of water, before boiling. 2. Then leave for 30 minutes, before boiling once more, still with the vinegar mixture inside. 3. Pour out the vinegar mixture and cool the inside of the kettle with clean water. 4. Wipe the interior of the Appkettle with a clean soft cloth to remove residue, then add fresh clean water to the kettle, before boiling it twice. 5. Pour out the water and your Appkettle is descaled and ready to use once more.

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