A list of great podcasts to listen to while enjoying a brew

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

It’s a gloomy day up here in Appkettle Towers, so we’ve got the smart kettle on constantly and are discussing how to enjoy lazy rainy days. The conversation’s turned to our favourite podcasts.

Ideal to play through your smart home device, podcasts are such a good way to listen about topics you love or perhaps ones that you want to learn more about.

If you’re wondering what podcast to listen to as you enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee, we have a list of top podcasts we really recommend…

Great podcasts to listen to

Yes or BS?

Anthony and Paul are two friends who take it in turns to tell each other stories and then guess whether or not they are true.

We aren’t really selling it, but this is one of our favourite comedy podcasts around at the moment, as you find yourself playing along and trying to guess whether the tale is genuine or completely made up.

The All Good Copy podcast

This is a bit of niche one, as our Blog Writer CANNOT stop listening and talking about this podcast. Hosted by experienced copywriter Glenn Fisher, this is still a worthwhile listen for an insight into the creative process for writers in any field.

Mark Kermode’s Celluloid Jukebox

This is a bit of an old one, but still interesting if you enjoy film and the music used within films. Film critic Mark Kermode goes through some of his favourite uses of music in the history of cinema. Ideal for when you have an appkettle tea or coffee on the go.


For something a little darker, Serial follows the story of a man in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend and, as listeners, we follow the story of how a journalist delves into the case and tries to work out the truth. A really fascinating listen, Alexa may be busy bouncing from playing this podcast to putting the appkettle back on for another cuppa.

So, whether you’re using the kettle for baby formula or for your own relaxation, these great podcasts are ideal for when it’s just you and the smart kettle and you plan on just wasting the day away.

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