Smart people use a smart kettle: a great gift for technology lovers.

With the world changing by the day, it’s easy to feel left behind. But, whether you’re a technophobe or something of a techno-fantatic, it’s also fairly simple to get back up to date.

An Appkettle allows everyone to move forward, regardless of how comfortable they are with modern technology. The appkettle app allows technology lovers to spend their time wisely as the smart kettle boils - getting their baby ready for bed, finding something worthwhile to watch on the TV or do some push-ups. It’s the perfect appliance for the modern world - a safe and time-saving device that has one eye on the future.

The ideal present for technology lovers, a smart kettle is a gadget that is more than just a gadget. The appkettle is a game-changer. A step closer to a more connected world, you can get tea and coffee with just a request to your IFTTT system. Yes, it can even be connected to your smart home. Not just a flash in the pan, the appkettle wants to be a fixture in homes across the country. With a life-saving baby bottle function, your family could go grow up in a more technological world. We don’t know what the world will look like in 5 years’ time, but we know we are going to be a part of it.

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Appkettle’s journey began 5 years ago, amongst family and friends. While enjoying a good cup of tea together, the idea of putting the kettle on via a mobile phone sparked something... Read More...