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Appkettle is the smart wifi kettle that lets you do so much more than simply switch it on and off with your phone. Using the temperature control function you can select how hot you want your water to be whilst the scheduling function lets you decide when to turn it on, so you have perfectly heated water exactly when you want. And with a range of other features you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived with just an ‘ordinary’ kettle.


Voice Enabled, App or Manual Controls

You can also use this kettle with Google’s Alexa Skill so it is voice enabled, as well as with WiFi, 3G and 4G by downloading the app to your smartphone. Don’t worry if you have a technophobe in the house, the controls in the base allow you to manually select the temperature and to turn it on and off.

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If you want your kettle to be boiled for the moment you get home, with piping hot water ready for you cup of tea, simply set your arrival time in your app. The kettle will sense how much water is contained within it and start heating at exactly the right time to ensure that amount of water has boiled for the second  you get through the door. This scheduling function is great for setting your wifi smart kettle to boil for your morning coffee so you can start your day the easy way.


Don’t worry if you get stuck in a traffic jam, or hitting snooze on your morning alarm, the 30 min keep warm function will ensure the water is still at your chosen temperature when you actually get to the kettle.

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Appkettle’s journey began 5 years ago, amongst family and friends. While enjoying a good cup of tea together, the idea of putting the kettle on via a mobile phone sparked something... Read More...